Underhill Honey is a boutique, family owned New Zealand business. We are beekeepers who specialise in producing a limited amount of top quality, single source, raw mānuka honey.

What makes us unique

We maintain a small number of well cared for beehives deep in the rugged, pristine valleys of our farm in the Remutaka ranges.

The deep valleys constrain bee foraging, surrounding our hives with mānuka. This in combination with careful hive management and honey extraction methods ensures we produce premium quality mānuka honey. 

Our honey is harvested exclusively from the hives on our land and our spring apiary on the banks of the Waiohine River.

To ensure that the delicate chemical compounds that make mānuka honey unique are not damaged or compromised in any way, our honey extraction, packing and storage processes follow stringent quality standards.

Our honey:

  • never exceeds hive temperature at any part of the extraction or maturing process,
  • is not microfiltered
  • is not blended
  • is not creamed
  • is Laboratory tested in accordance with IANZ/ILAC-MRA standards to ensure quality, MGO and NPA levels.

When you purchase from Underhill Honey, you are buying directly from the beekeeper. You know where the honey comes from, and you know it’s pure, premium New Zealand mānuka honey.


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